Website Mission Statement of AWESOME!

You are SO WELCOME to this NEW site!

My mission statement is supporting, creating, and manifesting a universal, inner & outer, realistic, fun, and loving world peace.

That includes encouraging people to believe in themselves more than ever before, adding perspective and love where there may not be, and reminding people of the infinite passion and beauty that is already within YOU.

I do this by sharing personal ideas, multiple perspectives, uplifting vision, and the most evidenced truths that exist in our world in the most passionately positive way I can as an artist in all ways possible.  From schools to fundraisers to corporate events or workshops and more while also making sure the projects and films I’m in support those ideals as well.

We all need more perspective, honesty, and LOVE, right?  And if this world, your friends or family weren’t able to provide all that you wanted of those three things…
I will always believe & encourage you to shape, or BEND, your reality to make it that way.

Let’s BEND Reality.


The merch in the above link will help support all the free events I DEEPLY enjoy doing and will let me know you’ve been impacted by my love of poetry, arts, the world, and YOU.  If you want to give whatever you can just to donate to an artist that will continue giving back to his local and global community through free visits to public schools whenever he can, free cds I make for people with each purchase as best I can, free open mics each Monday night, and just ALOT of fundraisers I do for great causes…so thank you for even WANTING to GIVE!!!

I deeply & truly appreciate it and I won’t stop giving no matter what…deal or no DEAL?! =)

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Here are some pics from places that range from Andy Grammer music videos to a movie I featured in that has traveled and impacted people in Dubai….!  Hosting, poetry, acting, and writing workshop adventures that have led me to meet other inspiring artists, grammy winners, & world changers such as Chris Tucker, Patricia Arquette, Joss Whedon, Justin Baldoni, Travis Van Winkle, Dave Yaden, and more.

I also love leading events and workshops with students/adults at South Pasadena High School, Hawthorne High School, Frederick Douglass Academy, Palisades Charter High School, Cal State Northridge, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, N.A.R.D., the UN Women’s Greater LA Chapter and more organizations that love making this world better as much as I do.

Any books/cds/workshops you purchase will definitely enable all the free events I DEEPLY enjoy doing and will let me know you’ve been impacted by my love of poetry, arts, the world, and YOU.  Thanks for your support and more importantly, your support for yourself and making this world better.

Enjoy the site and please…keep bending reality ~

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