Workshops Of Awesome

Light Up The Dark!

Inner & Outer Peace, Positivity, & Passion
through Poetry

Small Groups / Classes / Homes+ Schools / Auditoritums / Conferences+

Workshop – 1-3 hours, 15-25 ppl ~  $300-500 
Full Event (“Performance” of 2 poems & more detailed feedback) – 1-4 hours ~ $500-1000
Or $20 each person, up to 15

This one is for people who never thought they could write, HATE writing but know that it does some good for them when they do it, AND seasoned poets who need to be refreshed or reminded of why they even share poetry.  We will find out our goals, passions, and inner stories that are living deep within us waiting to be spoken with a love of life that you may or may not have experienced before.  Writing, imagination, and acting exercises will be played.  Partial discussion, partial writing, and partial sharing of your poetry/writing.  We go at the right speed and pace for you, gentle or strong guidance can be adapted for each workshop member.  Laughs, discoveries, and a new world of honest growth and real connection with yourself and others awaits you.

One On One Inner Arsonist Poetry Workshop

Ignite Your Inside
Enhance Your Art

     1 hour    $100    /      2 hours      $190       /     3 hours     $280
Packages can be asked for as well!

             The same as the previous workshop except more tailored, focused, and centered on your personal requests and goals of what you wish to accomplish or ignite within yourself.  If you want to share personal poetry or stories and dive deeper into more meaning, growth, reflection, delivery styles, dynamic perspectives or just to have a great conversation about your life in a poetic way and explore who you are in a setting where we allow no unwanted distractions.  This is a workshop for those with a serious passion to fulfill their being and enjoy the isolated discovery of lighting up of their inner universe.  Also, it’s recommended for fellow poets who want to enhance their natural voice, reconnect to themselves, and rediscover why they share their poetry.  If you have a poem you want to work on for a special event and want feedback, constructive critique, and an entirely new powerful perspective on it, this is for you as well.

Topic Based Poetry Workshops

Universal Perspective & Peace

Groups / Classes / Auditoritums / Conferences+

1-2 hour Workshop, 15-100+ ppl ~  $1,000
Full Event (“Performance” of 2 poems & more detailed feedback) – 2-4 hours ~ $1,000-3,000
Or $20 each person, only up to 15

             Any organization, campus, or business can request a certain topic to be explored in as much depth as only poetry knows how to excavate.  Dig deep into any idea, controversy, or motivational need you may require your group to fully process and understand on a logical and emotional level.  Perspective exercises, connection exercises, imagination tools, and poetry prompts will fuel the moral compass, help illuminate emotional/logical blocks, or uplift your collective into a new realm of uplifted awareness and action.   Be ready to open your heart to the truest form of vulnerability where your party will become a stronger, more open,  heart connected, and powerfully expressive family.


Motivationally Passionate Poetic Speaking:

Connect to Everything You Are

Groups / Classes / Homes+ Schools / Auditoritums / Conferences+

1-2 hours, 15-100 ppl ~  $1000
Full event  – 1-4 hours ~ $1000-3000
Or $25 each person, up to 25

             Do you just need to talk about how to live your life with the passion it deserves to have?  Do you want ideas on how to look at your decisions with the perspective of a passionate poet?  Have you ever embraced every moment of a day and see people like they are galaxies expanding?  Between enhancing personal relationships and all around daily life living, you will hear some of the greatest quotes, stories, and poems to truly see the beauty and love in your life and the world.  You will do a few writing exercises that clarify your mind and reflect what you are focusing on now and will help you be aware of how to transform that into what you want to manifest into your life.  We’ll talk and connect meaningfully.  Why sleep to dream…when you can sleep to wake up with enough energy to fully live your dreams.

Mini Poetic Pep Talks

Quick Uplifts & There When You Need It

 Skype ~ $10 – 15 min            $50 ~  1 hr.
Phone ~  $5  ~ 10 min           $35   ~  1 hr.
1-2 Page Poem Written for You in 15 Minutes After A Conversation ~ $25
Lifetime YouTube Poem Just for You Any Theme Or Upliftment ~ $100 ( 3-5 pages)

                 Need a quick uplifting chat?  Do you want just some honest listening and sincere understanding?  Feel like you need to just get something off your chest?  Do you want quick poetic and honest advice to help with a quick situation in your day or before you face something big?  I’ve helped many man or woman, child or adult face a tough situation with the best mindset we could both put together through a question based system and experience rich system called, “TALKING.”  But seriously, I’ve had real talks with people including situations of suicide to circumstances of break-ups or long distance relationships.  I’ll let you know the process for having a poem written specifically for you and what you’re going through with a few personalized questions.

                Also, sometimes you don’t feel safe with a therapist, a friend you feel may judge you, or if you just need an in-between step between you and getting professional help in your area.  Poetically we can approach the situation through discussing a video poem I send you on the topic you’re going through if it’s too close to home to talk about directly at first.  Whatever the case, by phone or skype, let’s chat, and I will do my best to supply you with the mental focus, clarity, love, and mindfulness that you may need or want at the time, in a way that feels best for you.  From tough love to soft to socratic to yelling at you if you want me to…!  I absolutely care and want the best for you, and if you don’t know or I don’t know what to say or do ever, WE will find out TOGETHER.

Just email me immediately if it’s serious.  I’m there for you best I can.
Workshop or skype, let’s make it happen.  You can do it.

Remember you’re infinite in INFINITE ways.

 Email to request which workshop of AWESOME and any questions or wishes at:

               *All prices are negotiable and adjustable for your budget, campus, event.

       **Alternative payments can be made in the form of multiple book and/or cd purchases, and payment plans, I do my best to turn down the least amount of events, or at least propose a future available date when I’m able to make the event happen.

       ***Remember these workshops can help anything and everything you may be going through and they also can be hilarious and wonderful journeys to distant lands in your very own mind and heart.  Please consider joining a pay what you can workshop, asking any questions you may have that are causing you doubts, or just JUMP IN LIKE A POOL OF LIFE IS WAITING FOR YOU!  #NoExpectation and I truly want the best for you, your mind, your emotions, and your purpose, and your truths.
For your family, friends, and all those that are impacted by you and you don’t even know.  And if you’re afraid of poetry or writing, I promise we’ll make it easy and I will cater carefully to your level of shyness, fear, or stage fright of life.

#StayInfinite          and         #LetsBendReality!