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I’ll be posting videos I’ve written for alot of great people in my life, poems I’ve shared at colleges, festivals, and conferences, AND poems that you’ve dedicated to get me on the Ellen show!

Much thanks and love for already wanting to watch, opening your mind, your heart, and all the new possibilities of enjoying this world we both happen to be in at the same time, the same moment.  #StayInfinite

TED Talk:  How can you reshape your reality and have fun doing it?

Optimistic Incisions: Signature Piece, Party Starter, Mind Exciter, & World Peace Maker

In Her Peace: How can we reconnect with ourselves through someone else and reach something that feels like absolute peace. (With Live Band)

A Sad Laugh – Why men have trouble showing emotion, the women who help, and how we can express and own emotions while enjoying life

Non Violent War – How can I, or anyone, change a world that wants to fight…?

Carrie Ann Inaba Short Poem Dedicated to her on Game Show 1 VS 100

Only Human:  How can one excuse actually be our greatest strength…?



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