Testimony / Submit

“SO much love for you! Your magical way with words held the crowd spellbound at the [Youth Home] Block party. The boys got to see talent AND positivity AND love all rolled into one. Thank you thank you!!! – Sereyna A.

“Could you share some of your awesomeness please?
You seem to be overflowing with it.
The Rest of the World.” – Mark D.

“You are one of my favorite people of all time! have a delightful weekend my friend.” – Ruth B.

“This is not a performance, a speech, or delivery……
This is Sean’s positive essence translating into true form of beauty, a form of utopia and hope for what is left of “humanity” – Danina M.

“BIG shoutout to my incredibly awesome friend, the genius of spoken word, Sean Hill — since you gave a shoutout to Holla 818 the number of daily views has skyrocketed!” – Christel South
(Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist)

“I’m so glad you’re back this year! =)
It’s reeaally nice to see psycho piggy again! – Cassie M.

“Dude, you own with a chainsaw. ;)” – Wes R. (Last two testimonies are from when Sean worked as a chainsaw clown at Unviersal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights)

“To my boys ______, Sean Hill, ______, ________,
you guys are great men to look up to and be around.”
– James B. Golden (Author, Poet, NAACP Image Award Winner…if credits impress you somehow…=)

“There ARE NO WORDS to describe the awesomeness that is you!!!!!!!!!! You were a great hit tonight as i knew you would be and I’m just extremely blessed to know you and witness your ventures in making this world a better place one Sean Hill moment at a time. Thank you again.” – Danyol J.

“You are a powerfull poet.” – Ashley D.G.

“Damn Sean, that deep Bro! I see why you have such a positive effect on the people around you. We need billions more with that kind of optimism and constructive thought process. We are all connected to each other and the land we walk on!” – William T.

“Beautiful Sean. Just beautiful.” – Abi C.

“I know that I give you a hard time BOB but just in case I don’t say it enough… You are one of the best people I know.” – Sherrie Q. (BOB = nickname = long story)

“Damn dude just saw the video from the soapbox you *%$#$* killed that mad props dude i wanna go check you one of these days …
Hit me up for the next open mic…. Mad prop sean …. – Chris M.

“Happy Birthday to the king of the Hill,
Who’s spoken words are always a thrill.
You’re easy to spot, thanks to the fro.
And hard to forget, after the show.
So keep on doing what you do best,
…You’re the proof that there’s still gold in the west.
Ryan G.”

“Sean, your comment made me feel both awesome and totally ignorant (in the best way possible!). Keep telling the truth, man” – Matt H.


One of the hardest working young poets I know is Sean Hill. I first met him seven years ago at a poetry event at Cal State Northridge. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been doing poetry for Skid Row Youth Programs, as well as several literacy programs, literary festivals and theater showcases. Hill recently hosted the Success is Our Future Scholarship ceremony, and worked the past two years as part of the After School Adventure Enrichment Camp (ARC) at Oscar De La Hoya Animo, teaching Poetry and Theater. He also co-hosts with Roger Chagnon, Jason Brain, and Dutch Stowe a blogtalk radio show called, “The Soapbox Super Show”. They play music, comedy, and poetry from their recordings of the Thursday night open mic, Soapbox Sessions in Encino. Jason Brain is the host and creator of both Soapbox productions and a close comrade of Hill. Hill, who just released his first spoken word album, says, “I share ideas that involve inner reflection, outer connection, and a gradual delicate diving into the notion that realistic inner and outer world peace exists…sometimes just by allowing yourself to truly believe it.”

Article by KCET’s Mike Sonksen


If YOU Want To Share Your Own Testimony
of AWESOME to help spread more inner and outer peace through POETRY!

Hey lovely people!!!

I am now accepting & editing testimonies to compile for future events and shows
at everything from conferences and colleges!

Set your camera or get a friend to focus on so you feel like you’re really talking to someone,
make sure you have a cool and symmetrically nice background that won’t distract us from your awesomeness
then take your time answering these questions in at most 5 minutes:

1.  What is poetry to you?

2.  How has my poetry impacted you personally?

3.  What do you think my poetry can do for the world?

4.  Tell me why I should keep sharing spoken word poetry!

I absolutely appreciate you doing this and please be SINCERE in your answers, have fun creating this and doing this how you like, you can ask your friends and family to do it and if they haven’t seen me, share my videos with them if you like and record them RIGHT after or even secretly record them while they watch your favorite video!

I always appreciate more people discussing poetry and the hard or massive topics they contain.  I firmly believe we can all elevate ourselves and each other through the reflecting power and insightful help poetry provides…not to mention it’s amazingly fun to create entire universes where you get to roam free inside your imagination…it’s like a comic book for your insides.

Much love and see your AWESOMENESS SOON!

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