Website Mission Statement of AWESOME!

You are SO WELCOME to this NEW site!

My mission statement is supporting, creating, and manifesting a universal, inner & outer, realistic, fun, and loving world peace.

That includes encouraging people to believe in themselves more than ever before, adding perspective and love where there may not be, and reminding people of the infinite passion and beauty that is already within YOU.

I do this by sharing personal ideas, multiple perspectives, uplifting vision, and the most evidenced truths that exist in our world in the most passionately positive way I can as an artist in all ways possible.  From schools to fundraisers to corporate events or workshops and more while also making sure the projects and films I’m in support those ideals as well.

We all need more perspective, honesty, and LOVE, right?  And if this world, your friends or family weren’t able to provide all that you wanted of those three things…
I will always believe & encourage you to shape, or BEND, your reality to make it that way.

Let’s BEND Reality.


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