Website Mission Statement of AWESOME!

You are SO WELCOME to this NEW site!

My mission statement is supporting, creating, and manifesting a universal, inner & outer, realistic, fun, and loving world peace.

That includes encouraging people to believe in themselves more than ever before, adding perspective and love where there may not be, and reminding people of the infinite passion and beauty that is already within YOU.

Essentially, this site serves as a “How To Honestly Love Yourself & The World In The Most Fun Ways Possible” handbook.

Whether you think you’re an artist or believe in the power of the arts, I’ll at least give you plenty of food for thought that should leave you coming back for seconds…of time…to re-invest into the most positive possibility of your world.

I do this by sharing personal ideas, multiple perspectives, uplifting vision, and the most evidenced truths that exist in our world in the most passionately positive way I can.  Whether you enjoy my acting, spoken word poetry, hosting, speaking events, or workshop facilitation which focuses on inner and outer dialogue in healthy ways I’ve noticed that  anywhere: from conferences, fundraisers to colleges, high-schools, festivals and more all need more perspective, honesty, and LOVE.  The real kind that heals, understands, and transforms everyone when you come into contact with it.

So whether you want to work on a film, hire me for a personalized poem for your corporate or birthday event, ask me to host your college open mic or epic star-studded event, start a writing workshop in your living room or with your co-workers or classmates, I will always do my best to add more authenticity & global value to your vision with a universally uplifting energy & love of life that is truly and sincerely one of a kind.

Let’s BEND Reality.


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