The merch in the above link will help support all the free events I DEEPLY enjoy doing and will let me know you’ve been impacted by my love of poetry, arts, the world, and YOU.  If you want to give whatever you can just to donate to an artist that will continue giving back to his local and global community through free visits to public schools whenever he can, free cds I make for people with each purchase as best I can, free open mics each Monday night, and just ALOT of fundraisers I do for great causes…so thank you for even WANTING to GIVE!!!

I deeply & truly appreciate it and I won’t stop giving no matter what…deal or no DEAL?! =)

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.24.14 AM    unnamed


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    1. Absolutely happy to inspire! Hope you have written a poem or have seen some live poetry! You know where to go if you need some! Have you heard of Andrea Gibson? “Say Yes” ? Feel free to look it up on Youtube if you need more inspiration! Danke und auf wiedersehen!!!! =)

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