Living for 8 months in Beijing studying while performing theater deeply impacted and enhanced the passion of living Sean Hill wishes to share with the world. His artistry embraces all while reminding us why we are beautifully fun beings regardless of what we go through or what we confront inside or out.

He is inspired by his family who has made the toughest things imaginable seem easy and enjoyable. A recycler of inspiration from friends, teachers, and artists from Whitman to Denzel, Robin Williams to Plato, Ellen to Jack Johnson, Immortal Technique to Gandhi. You all have made this world easier and more joyful to exist in.

As a SAG actor, poet or human being he wholeheartedly promotes the Emblem 3 youth movement: Team Inspire, his first open mic of a home: Soapbox Sessions, Doctors without Borders, National Animal Rights Day, BuildOn, Chris Beat Cancer, & the UN Women’s Dept. Greater Los Angeles Chapter.  Helping to build a school in Africa via BuildOn at the end of May 2015, was easily a life shaping and heart impacting experience that made him solidify the clarity of his mission statement as an artist and as a fellow person on this planet:

Universal inner & outer peace: in a realistic, fun, and passionate way.

He is doing his best to eventually leave this world in a much better place than he was fortunate enough to enter it and would love your support to make his mission statement of universal inner & outer realistic, fun, and loving world peace happen as soon as possible. There are so many organizations and events that he enjoys sharing and supporting that are already making impactful progress and he says this with experience in working with them.

Joining the Muzicality community open mic team in 2014 has been more evidence of how when you set your heart to do beautiful things for people, you meet more people that love to do the same.

Sean absolutely loves multiple perspectives, fun storytelling, healing music, and community gathering events. He is happy to contribute his affirmational poetry, inspirational talks, and fun poetry workshop services to Muzicality, who believe in “Service Through The Arts” and all those who are asking for the uplifting, healing, and transformative powers of the arts.

Join his worldwide #ArtisticCampaign that started as #SeanOnEllen and has transformed into #BendRealityPoem, where you can create an positive affirmation poem to manifest the life you want with a passion you may have never known you’ve always had add it to the collective consciousness of this planet in a web series he will be creating.  The link will help you overcome your doubts of self with instant creative action.  If you need further help making your poem, hey, that’s what I’m here for.  Please reach out…I will always reach out and be there best I can be for you if you ever need someone.  That’s what I’m thinking we’re all here for.  Each other.

…and let me know if it’s more effective for you to talk about myself in the third person or if I should never do this again.

Thank you, sincerely, for your beauty & actions in however you light up the dark with the compassionate light of your love of LIFE.

#LetsBendReality  #StayInfinite  #YouMakeThisWorldBeautiful  #RememberIt  #CauseItsTrue