“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” – Tom Hanks

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     From theater to film, it’s been a beautiful journey that keeps GOING! Always looking for the next meaningful project whether it’s on youtube or film…I love connecting with beautifully hearted people and making a story that impacts the world in powerful ways.

Acting, Poetry, Drama/Comedy 3 Min Reel

IMDB Profile / Resume


The “Best Documentary” Award Winning movie featuring grammy winning artists like Kenny Loggins and David & Devine, my poetry was featured in this movie twice.  One was never before performed and written specifically for the movie. Get ready for DEEPNESS.

“Astonishing physical and emotional recoveries through music, articulated through random musicians around the country. Explore the universal language of music and how it affects the body, mind and soul. Stories of cannibalism, bleeding souls and countless other life altering stories.”

“The Better Half”

My first feature film I’m BEYOND happy to be a part of…and SPOILER ALERT….that isn’t my baby I’m holding.

Just finished post production and currently being submitted into festivals.

“One thing you know you can’t have by yourself…is family.”


“HAIR” Documentary

“How hair, or the lack of it, affect our identity. A story of human transformation as told through hair.”
My second documentary with the same filmmakers from the previous film, recently won “Best Documentary” and can be seen at the LA screening!

Press Article for HAIR



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