Poetry Club of Awesome (For Educators)

Join the Poetry Club of Awesome online community at Google+

If you are a lover of poetry, have written or said anything poetic, love diving into yourself and coming up for air as needed, and sincerely strive to self-actualize and live in the most positvely passionate way or…then I consider you to be in the POETRY CLUB OF AWESOME!

I started this poetry club yeeears ago, which also switched back and forth with a Theatre Club of AWESOME of my own design that was created to inspire students at Oscar De La Hoya to safely confront themselves inside out in a fun and engaging way through poetry, writing exercises, acting exercises, imagination exercises, focus exercises, discussion of world topics, art, love and more…all while supporting each other in a way that only a community can.

Since that time, I’ve toured schools giving poetry workshops after sharing a poem or two and speaking on the infinite healing power of poetry in an energizing way.

We speak hundreds of words daily to each other and can use some reminding on the powerful impact our words can make on ourselves, thoughts, and others.

This is a sanctuary for youth and adult alike to try out poetry exercises I’ve come up with, share poetry and build each other up like stories to a skyscraper, with stories of our thoughts, lives and the lives we want to live.

More to come but for now, here’s the Google+ site and two new worksheets that were sent out in the last www.Yoobi.com newsletter.

Yoobi.com is a site where you buy their school supplies and they give school supplies to schools that are in need across the US. The “Toms” of school supplies. Great company and great friends there.

Also, look for #PCOAwesome or post a poem with #PCOAwesome if you got inspired from this site, an exercise I made, or just want me to find it and read it sometime! I only know how to give supportive, positive, and helpful feedback and ideas if you wish to have them!

Enjoy expanding your imagination and remember: there’s no such thing as “bad” poetry…only whether or not you are able to express yourself fully, clearly, and mindfully.

You can do this.

You are a writer.

When you want to be.

And I’ll keep supporting you even when or if you stop.

Now, get going.

Write like you care.

Write like I truth or dared you.

Write like you love to live life.

And welcome to the Poetry Club of…


Join the Poetry Club of Awesome online community at Google+


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