Life Long Poetic Project

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For YOU.  For accomplishing and seeing all the things you think you can’t.  I know you can and will surprise yourself while having fun deeply if you read and commit to this page.

Create a poem that fully captures one day of your ideal self in your ideal world.

At least two pages or two minutes long.

If you feel overwhelmed on where to start make this list:

~  5 things you want to do in life
~  5 people you would love to meet
~  5 places you would want to go
~  5 traits you want to have or manifest.
~  5 things you love about yourself.

Remember to only use what is an affirmative. (Don’t tell me and yourself the things you “don’t want”…only focus on the things you DO.)  Since once you do that, all the solutions and goals you focus on will help all the other things that aren’t serving your goals simply drift away from your life down a river and you might want to drink some onion and banana juice…(Last Airbender reference…anyone…? lol).

As for me.  I’ve done it already.  I’ve seen the effect in my life.  It’s PROFOUND and BEAUTIFUL.

I’ll help you out if you want. Leave a comment below with your question, confusion, or excitement even.

Remember, this is a poem to manifest the beauty and awesomeness you want to live in everyday.  If it gets frustrating, it should be, because you’re letting go of emotional and mental blocks that have had years or less to make themselves a home inside you.  Stay focused on the joy and the genuine life process that you’ve initiated to claim your mind, emotions, and essence as your own.

If you know you want passion in your life and your dreams are worth ANY difficulty: THAT is the first step.

Writing this poem is the imaginary 3D blueprint to your next step and your  new reality.

After writing it and reading it over for any mistakes or parts that you want to make more specific, record it on your phone/computer/friends phone and upload it to youtube then tag me in it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Add the hashtag “#BendRealityPoem” and then you’re done! =)

At the bottom of the page is the most recent reincarnation of this idea in the #SeanOnEllen campaign I did…which I’m not done with, but had to retweak the purpose, because this current concept was born from that campaign and morphed into a more meaningful connecting of us as a people, as a global family, taking the time to reflect and envision the world we all want to live in individually and together…it’s bigger than me, bigger than Ellen, yes, dare I say, and I knew I had to start this artistic empowerment project immediately when I had the idea.

Thank you for reading, caring about your world and your SELF.

Enjoy the bending of your own reality…




If you really want to see your dreams and how to reach them…

Do it now…
You can stop looking at this screen now…seriously…

It’s getting weird…

I see you there…

You’re focused…


Once more.

Now write









And need





***If you absolutely feel like you want/need help in writing your poem, remember you can contact me, and if it’s just an extra push of motivation or some kind of new perspective to further dive deeper into yourself and who you are and what you want, I will be there for you as soon as I can!


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2 thoughts on “Life Long Poetic Project


    When I look at the world
    I don’t see any borders
    I don’t see any walls
    I see
    One blue, icy cold
    And beautiful Planet
    I call my home
    Where we all belong
    Where there should not be
    Room for division
    No room for confusion
    Crystal clear
    As clear waters
    As the rainfall
    As icicles that melt
    In the spring
    As blue as the oceans
    That harbor life and harmony
    The way it should always be
    In Heaven
    As it is on Earth

    When I look at the world
    I see confusion
    I see a black hole
    Growing bigger and bigger
    A disillusion
    Yet people keep feeding the monster
    Black hole getting
    Bigger by the minute
    Dark clouds filling the skies
    Tornadoes, volcanoes
    And Darkness
    As the nightfall
    As inside the caves
    As it’s underground
    In the darkness…
    You don’t see shadows
    In the dark
    All I see the light in the distance
    Choose the light
    Not Darkness
    Which only harbors
    Pain and suffering

    When I look at the world
    I wonder if anyone else sees
    what I see
    Clear as day
    Clear as Moonshine
    Clear as Sunshine

    Why feed the hate
    The discomfort
    The division and
    The Darkness
    Instead of harvesting
    Peace, love and understanding

    Don’t ponder on what is wrong
    With this world
    Instead focus on the solution
    The light we all carry inside
    It’s always there
    Let your light shine on

      SO GREAT to read this, so delayed, but yet so worth the wait you wonderful wizard of poetry!!

      Thanks for stopping by the site and feeling inspired to write! I’m in delight that I have one less person in this beautiful world to inspire to create a poem, so thanks for throwing yours into the global stew, so much love and thank YOU! =)

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