Email: if you already know you want to book me & we will play out the details however we need to make your beautiful event more beautiful!

If you are perusing for the first time and figuring out what I’m about…
THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS THE POETIC FUN I SHALL BRING TO YOUR CAMPUS!  Scroll further down for more hosting and workshop ideas that may help you refine what exactly your vision is that I would love to help you bring to LIFE.



Previous Colleges:
UCSB, Mission College, Loyola Marymount, CSUN, UCLA, ELAC, USC + MORE!

Lets Light Up The Dark and Have Fun!

   “The light at the end of the tunnel is not the illusion.
                                                                                                             The tunnel is.”

           A pleasure to virtually meet you!  I’m sincerely happy & honored you’re interested in my poetic service & love for this world.  I’m excited for us to experience passionate & positive poetry together & uplift people beautifully like only the connecting & sharing of ideas between two people or more can do.

         So I’m guessing you must want to bring a supportive atmosphere, mindful passion, and uplifting energy at your event…?   Afraid of hosting and just don’t want to mess it up…?  Bad luck with hosts before…?  Just trying a new event, variety show, or open mic on your campus or facility and just want to bring people together in a positive way…?  Maybe that one…?  Hmmmm…you know what?  #LetsManifestThat!

          I’m absolutely excited you’re interested in bringing an event like this to your college/campus or community & I’m beyond EXCITED to know you’ve stopped here.  Whether you’re doing an open mic, conference, variety show, or specific topic of an event, somehow universal poetry can probably fit in. I also want to appreciate you for already having or perhaps creating providing a space where people share their talents, minds, & most importantly, their HEARTS, and thank you for even considering me to be a part of it.

          As a professional spoken word artist for over 10 years, I have shared, taught, and been personally uplifted by poetry while also acting across the globe.  I have recorded my own album, performed with multiple bands and award winning artists, opened up for bands, and have been in multiple award winning movies.  I am ecstatic, grateful, (relieved) and even more persistent now knowing that my poetry has been so well received by many different platforms, genres, and types of events.  I once hosted a MOVIE SCREENING and shared a poem there…I definitely didn’t see myself being able to do that, until I was asked.

         Basically what I’m saying is that I’ve gathered enough experience, compassion, joy, & focus to enhance any event you have in mind and do my absolute best to bring your vision of a community night (or day) of expression to LIFE!

          I can ALSO add a workshop of affirmational poetry writing, emotional/mental block confronting, goal setting, or simply free form poetry exercises to ANY event earlier or later in the day, sometimes the day before or after an event. Great to have in advance of a variety show/open mic so people are more prepared, confident, & relaxed to share themselves openly.  ESPECIALLY HELPFUL if it’s their first time using the power of their voice and self expression!  YES!

  Here are some things I’ll guarantee my best to provide:

◊ Organized structure & Flow To Event

◊ Unity & Energy!!!!

◊ Uplifting Presence

◊ Professional / Informal Mindset

◊ Emotional Intelligence

◊ Interaction/engagement

◊ Constant Artistic Support

◊ Honesty & Openness

◊ Universal perspective

◊ Excitement to YOUR VISION


Lets bend reality together
and discuss the impact you want to make for your college community!

Email: for my tailored Poetry Packages of AWESOME.

*More specific poetry videos can be viewed on request
*Fundrasiers, conferences, moderator, mediator and more skills available
*Hosting of or creating a college open mic night is my favorite & strongest skill



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