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Hey beautiful people!

Before you get all peruse-y, had to say any and all purchases go towards my ability to visit certain schools and events for free, organizations and people that are healing the world, and towards me living my life as a full time artist to continue creating inspiration where there may be none and to keep giving love and happiness poetically as an artist and as a host.  So THANK YOU for sharing, buying, and enjoying whatever you purchase!
**(More pictures, testimony, and awesome coming SOON!)**




Sean Hill Spoken Word Album — $15 Hardcopy / $10 Digital

The passionately positive poetry that has been honored to be featured in the award winning film Addicted – The Universal Language of Music and shared stages with great artists and bands that range from Grammy Award winners to bands that have worked with legends like Stevie Wonder and literally…John…Legend.  Lol.  The list includes The Ki, David and Devine, Andy Grammer, FeelGood, BIG SEAN, Diplo, Damon Rey, The Whole Truth, Joe Hernandez-Kolski, Jon B, Gken-E, Noble Creatures, Lileana Fangz, Kiyoshi, and many more…  The first track is what opened my first TED Talk and I know this album will be sure to challenge your mind about what poetry is and how it can be done while uplifting you so high that you feel connected to the best future you who you have always wanted to believe you can be.

CD Baby (Hardcopy Available Here)



The KI – Band CD — $10

As eclectic as they are diverse, Roxie Sakura, Lucas Francis, Antonio Dangond and myself have created a sound that can make you nod, dance, feel, think, or feel inspired. Jazzy tones to funk rhythms fusing with a pop appeal, we deliver timeless wisdom through cuting edge music and engineering by the same man who brought you Michael Jackson hits and Whitney Houston top selling songs. Some of our band have worked with artists like Yo Yo Ma to Stevie Wonder and John Legend. More importantly than those fun facts of hard work, this is more than music, it’s an inner movement that sounds as good as you want to feel.

In Person (LA, OC Only)




Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Los Angeles — $25

70 poets, almost 300 pages, local to global accomplishments.

Authors range from Luis Rodriguez, legendary author to veterans, holocaust survivors and Matt Sedillo, a national slam champion, Guido: a phenomenal hip hop artist from the always touring group of love and light, The Luminaries, all the way right up to everyday poets who have contributed to their community in impactful ways. After reading this, you are guranteed to look at the world in a new perspective, filled with knowledge, love, catharsis, and newfound determination to change the world in a beautiful and powerful way.




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iWrite: Words & Voices — $15

Jason Brain creator of one of the best open mics in LA, Chelsea Cohen dynamic beatnik femme fatale and myself worked a year straight on providing a book of one of the most unique blends of poetry to share the beautiful insanity of being a poet.

Much thanks and respect to Chelsea and especially Jason Brain for orchestrating the compilation, concept, and much of the agonizing work of creating such a lovely book.  They made it look easy folks.

Three chapbooks in one plus the iWrite signature book gives you 4 mini-books for the price of one. Dive deep.  Enjoy your inner self beautifully.

Venmo / Paypal  ~   In Person/At Event Pre-Order of $15
   ~   Personal Shipment
Amazon – Leave a review later, too!




Writer’s Block Notebook — $5

As I tour schools one of my favorite items to sell or do giveaways of is this notebook which I tell students/artists not to write anything else in EXCEPT poetry or artistic expression! Not a to do list, no groceries…only your thoughts expressed creatively. There is a powerfully silent positive poem on the inside flap for inspiration when you get stuck in your mind and quotes on the front and back to help keep your intentions clear when you write. It’s been an emotional moment or 30 when I see a student of mine writing in their notebook with ideas pouring out of their hearts inner waterfalls, falling back into themself.


P SHIRTS! /  (Poetic Shirts!)


*NEW*  Sean Hill T-Shirts!  - Pre-Order main photo


Love hugs but just don’t have enough breath to tell everyone…?
Want to share your favorite Sean Hill quote via an AWESOME shirt…?


With the WONDERFUL help from the prestigious and humanitarian FB Labels all the way from CONNETICUT…

You can NOW order a shirt of the following designs to help me find out what you would love from a poetic shirt that says something meaningful and beautiful in a fun way!

YES, I also take requests!  Suggest to me a line from my poem or anothers!

You are also helping me fund the future of my t-shirt designing as well. The more you request/order, the quicker I can design more shirts with impactful quotes or more types of clothing with my little logo guy there hanging out on your socks, underwear, scarf, and more!  YES, I’ve been requested to make some UNDERWEAR!!! LOL

Much love you all!




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